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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Perodua Alza Service Maintenance Record

Date Service Comment
16-Aug-2021 Air Filter N/A
18-Aug-2021 Changed All radiator hose + T-Joint + Thermostat Rust removed
18-Aug-2021 Flush Radiator and Added Toyota Long Life Coolant Pre-Mix Better cooling system
03-Aug-2021 Brake Fluid Dot3 Changed Still got air in the system (hissing noise when applying brake) 
03-Aug-2021 Power Steering Fluid Change (ATF D3 SP) Lighter steering
07-Sep-2021 Bosch Wiper (24" / 17") Cleaner windshield
  • Brake Piston Service (Passenger Front)
  • Brake Pad Changed (Left / Right) + Added grease on side
  • Brake Caliper Slider Pins Service (Added Mobil XHP 22 Grease)
Smoother braking system + no more hissing noise when pressing pedal after bleeding brake oil to remove air from the brake line
01-10-2021 Replaced old spark plugs DCPR7EA9 to NGK G-Power DCPR7EGP See YouTube Throttling faster - more combustions and smoother + consume more fuels
05-10-2021 Service clean oxygen sensor and throttle body + sensor (YouTube, YouTube) No more engine stall when going N-Gear during traffic light (idle)
16-10-2021 Engine Oil Change SAE 5W-30 Gold
3.1 Liters. Initial Mileage 115997km
Next Oil Change 125997km or 6 months from this date (YouTube
Engine smooth total better than new
23-10-2021 Adding ground wire - engine block, valve cover, front rail, back body, gearbox (YouTube) Improved

1. Smooth auto-transmission
2. Air-conditioning colder
3. Good radio signal
4. Better lighting

Need improved:

1. Alternator grounding + Adding bigger charging cable
2. Thicker cable for the back body for ECU grounding to achieve least resistance
30-10-2021Changed brake caliper pins with OEM  comes with silicone rubber sleeves / boots. Tight fit into the caliper pins hole.

Caliper Pins Bolt Torque = 42nm
Tires Lug Nuts Torque = 120nm (112nm + 8nm) (YouTube)
Eliminate knocking / clunking noise when brake, go over bump, or reverse.
11-11-2021ATF Fluid change - Fluid added 2.83 Litre
Mileage Reading: 116809KM

Next Service: 156809km OR 2 Years from this date
ATF fluid pan snapped due to over torque and old bolts. Need to be careful in future
06-04-2022V-Belt / Serpentine Belt changed: 
06-04-2022Spark Plug DCPR7EA-9 D55
06-04-2022Water pump
06-04-2022Perodua coolant 1 Litre
06-04-2022PCV valve / ventilation valve + grommet

17-06-2022Change passenger side power steering clamp bush No more swinging when moving on gravel or uneven road
17-06-2022Change tie rod end passenger sideNut thread + ball joint thread damage due to impact when opening using ball joint removal tool

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