Sunday 24 October 2021

Perodua Alza Service Maintenance Record

Date Service Comment
16-Aug-2021 Air Filter N/A
18-Aug-2021 Changed All radiator hose + T-Joint + Thermostat Rust removed
18-Aug-2021 Flush Radiator and Added Toyota Long Life Coolant Pre-Mix Better cooling system
03-Aug-2021 Brake Fluid Dot3 Changed Still got air in the system (hissing noise when applying brake) 
03-Aug-2021 Power Steering Fluid Change (ATF D3 SP) Lighter steering
07-Sep-2021 Bosch Wiper (24" / 17") Cleaner windshield
  • Brake Piston Service (Passenger Front)
  • Brake Pad Changed (Left / Right) + Added grease on side
  • Brake Caliper Slider Pins Service (Added Mobil XHP 22 Grease)
Smoother braking system + no more hissing noise when pressing pedal after bleeding brake oil to remove air from the brake line
01-10-2021 Replaced old spark plugs DCPR7EA9 to NGK G-Power DCPR7EGP See YouTube Throttling faster - more combustions and smoother + consume more fuels
05-10-2021 Service clean oxygen sensor and throttle body + sensor (YouTube, YouTube) No more engine stall when going N-Gear during traffic light (idle)
16-10-2021 Engine Oil Change SAE 5W-30 Gold
3.1 Liters. Initial Mileage 115997km
Next Oil Change 125997km or 6 months from this date (YouTube
Engine smooth total better than new
23-10-2021 Adding ground wire - engine block, valve cover, front rail, back body, gearbox (YouTube) Improved

1. Smooth auto-transmission
2. Air-conditioning colder
3. Good radio signal
4. Better lighting

Need improved:

1. Alternator grounding + Adding bigger charging cable
2. Thicker cable for the back body for ECU grounding to achieve least resistance
30-10-2021Changed brake caliper pins with OEM  comes with silicone rubber sleeves / boots. Tight fit into the caliper pins hole.

Caliper Pins Bolt Torque = 42nm
Tires Lug Nuts Torque = 120nm (112nm + 8nm) (YouTube)
Eliminate knocking / clunking noise when brake, go over bump, or reverse.
11-11-2021ATF Fluid change - Fluid added 2.83 Litre
Mileage Reading: 116809KM

Next Service: 156809km OR 2 Years from this date
ATF fluid pan snapped due to over torque and old bolts. Need to be careful in future
06-04-2022V-Belt / Serpentine Belt changed: 
06-04-2022Spark Plug DCPR7EA-9 D55
06-04-2022Water pump
06-04-2022Perodua coolant 1 Litre
06-04-2022PCV valve / ventilation valve + grommet

17-06-2022Change passenger side power steering clamp bush No more swinging when moving on gravel or uneven road
17-06-2022Change tie rod end passenger sideNut thread + ball joint thread damage due to impact when opening using ball joint removal tool
30-06-2022Test Evaporative purge valve (Ficd)
  • Stuck open test - passed (no stuck open)
  • Close / Open switch test - passed (working as expected)
  • Resistance test = 33.6 Ohm (Normal)
08-07-2022Change / clean fuel new fuel injectors (4 holes) and clean fuel rail
Still knocking sound from injectors and fuel rail need recheck. Including pulsation damper
08-07-2022Changed new fuel pump after 12 years
Old fuel pump fuel filter badly clogged.
After installed new fuel pump the engine more stable and quieter. Able to speed up quickly
13-07-2022Changed fuel rail (fuel delivery pipe) including fuel pulsation damper (FPD)
1. Improved combustion on O2 sensor readings
2. Improved fuel pressure
3. Improved Intake Air Temperature
4. Improved fuel consumptions
5. Improved pickup and smoothness of acceleration.
29-07-2022Replaced MAP sensor using Toyota
Smooth engine idle and stable fuel consumptions at 12.3 ~ 12.4 Liter/100km for city driving.
29-07-2022Replaced ECT sensor (engine coolant temperature sensor)
Nothing changes
28-08-2022Replaced Radiator fan's motorthe radiator fan's motor gone bad and generating loud noise clearly can heard from the cabin. The original fan lasted for 12 years which is very good. Above expectation
29-08-2022Engine oil changed (RM93.10) SAE 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic Perodua Engine OilMileage: 124094 km ---> Next Service 134094 km OR 6 months from this date.

The engine smooth and quiet again.
06-10-2022Replaced front passenger side wheel bearingNo more wobble when turning and moving on uneven road and tie rod end passenger side.
06-02-2023Replaced Enerlite NS40ZL wet cell battery with Century Motolite NS40ZL well cellAfter 3 years 1 month the Enerlite NS40ZL wet cell battery becoming weak and unable to crank the car. After the replacement all is good again. Reference: Enerlite replaced with Motolite 
20-02-2023Liqui moly engine flush and shell helix h7 5w-30First time doing this using liqui moly engine flush and replace the engine oil with shell helix h7 5w-30. It does make a different the engine feeling lighter. But tapping sound still linger. 

Shell Helix will be used as flusher for the liqui moly to wash away the remaining remnant of the liqui moly engine flush. One week and then replace with perodua engine oil again. Alza engine flush with liqui moly engine flush and shell helix h7 5w-30
21-02-2023Replaced stabilizer link left / rightThe car stability greatly improved. The wornout ball joint of the original stabilizer link lasted for 12 years has gone bad. When cornering and moving on uneven road the car feel wobbly. After replacement its very stable. Replace alza stabilizer link
23-02-2023Service clean catalytic converterFirst initial check the catalytic converter has no problem or clog. But anyway gave it some cleaning and the car runs smoother Clean Alza Catalytic converter
02-03-2023Engine Oil Change - current milage 130347kmFlushing out the remaining Liqui Moly engine flush and refill with Shell Helix HX7 X 5W30. Will stick to shell helix since it is surprise me. After 12 years of using Perodua Semi Synthetic Gold by chance the shell helix promotion given the opportunity to try. The fuel economy of the car significantly improved after 12 years of researching and thinking - after all, the engine oil made the difference. Next Oil Change 6 Month from this date or 10,000km (140,347km)
11-03-2023Replaced front left (passenger side) control arm (lower arm)It fixed the wobbly tires and also fixed the crackling sound of cv axle joint inside the gearbox. This is very interesting finding that the left side (passenger side) gearbox drive shaft carrier is meant to be loose. Now the problem is when the wheel side suspension components gone bad such as control arm, stabilizer link, tie rod end, knuckle spline thread loose, rack end - these component can affect the gearbox side of the driveshaft and making it more lose as a result it generate crackling sound like in this video cv axle gearbox bearing noise

Replacement of the lower arm fixed the following
1. Squeaking noise of the absorber
2. Crackling noise of driveshaft inside gearbox
3. Fixed wobbly tires 
11-04-2023Change coolant (prestone premixed coolant 4L)The usual temperature range between 82 ~ 86 degree celcius but it has been altered to between 85 ~ 90 degree celcius. That is already nearly 2 years the last time coolant change using toyota long life premix coolant. Now changed using cheaper 4L premixed coolant by prestone the temperature range seems goes back to normal between 82 ~ 86 degree celcius. change alza coolant
21-04-2023Change ATF FluidUpon draining out the ATF fluid only left around 2.6 Litres. Change new one with 3 bottle (3 Litres) ATF perodua and the transmission feel solid again and eliminate the minor vibration on the dashboard which could be because of difficulty of ATF fluid passing through the filter due to low fluid level or because of using cheap ATF filter. Current Mileage 131000km. Next ATF fluid change 170,000 KM or 2 years from this date. Change alza atf fluid
08-10-2023Change ATF FluidEngine oil changed Shell Helix 5W-30 Fuel Economy

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